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Finding More Mommy Time
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It's a tough battle-juggling kids, work, home, and everything in between. We know we can't do everything, so how can we strike a balance between taking care of everyone in the family and taking care of ourselves? Running on empty is not only unhealthy for you; it's unhealthy for your family. It's time for a much needed reality check! Taking some me time makes for a happy mom.

Taking time away from your day to day duties doesn't mean you have to take a vacation. Plan a girl's night in or a backyard bash on your own patio, A little rest and relaxation can go a long way! Because the reality is-if you're not taken care of, who on earth will take care of your family?

Whitney Moss and Heather Flett are the co-authors of "The Rookie Mom's Handbook: 250 Activities To Do with (and without) Your Baby!" They are the creators of an online community for new or expert moms with online resources, forums, blogs and more.  

Last updated: 6/25/2009 12:55:30 PM


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