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The Black Women in Jazz and the Arts Day
March 1st has officially been named "The Black Women in Jazz and the Arts Day."

Chef Jamie Adams
Enjoy a warm meal on this cold day.


Author Susan Packard
10 strategies for women in the work place.
50 Floor
Time is running out on great February flooring deals.
Eating Disorders Information Network
It's sad to say, but we are a society that is focused on body image and weight loss.
Atlanta Youth Tennis & Education Foundation
Providing afterschool and summertime programs through a tennis and life skills curriculum.  

Humble Pie Pizza Co.
Blessings in a Backpack
Vision Boards..
Dream Big...Think Big...Win Big
"The Women of Atlanta" Fashion Event
Benefiting Susan G. Komen
Saving Susan Ministry
Help an orphan's life become a little brighter.  

Be Proud To Be Single On Valentine's Day
Embrace being single on Valentine's Day.
Stellar Bodies
Stay Strong...Stay Stellar
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